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Live Transcript – Roland Hui – Queenship

Thanks to all who came to the live chat on Saturday night. We had a fast-paced discussion about queenship and in particular the six wives of Henry VIII. Congratulations also to Lorna who won a copy of Roland Hui's book "The Mary, Queen of Scots Colouring Book".

Live chat transcript Roland Hui

Here is the downloadable transcript for those who missed the chat:
CLICK to download the transcript.

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  1. M

    Thank you! I will go over it this evening.
    I had a question… I know that various Queens, Katherine of Aragon and Anne among them, and various ladies in waiting, sewed vestments and altar lives for the surrounding churches. Do any of the pieces survive today?

    Thank you. Michelle t

    1. C

      Have you heard of the Bacton Altar cloth, Michelle? It was originally from an outfit worn by Elizabeth I and was given to the church by Blanche Parry – see and It really is a beautiful piece.

      1. M

        Thank you! I will check this out tonight!

  2. R

    Hello Michelle,

    Interesting question – there are no surviving pieces to my knowledge done by Tudor Queens. Even if there were, these expensive fabrics were probably repurposed for secular uses during Edward VI’s Protestant Reformation.

    However, we do have surviving examples of Mary Queen of Scots’ needlework.

    Roland H.

    1. M

      Thank you! I’m sure it was a little odd, my question, but I’ve been reading so much Tudor books, both fiction and non fiction, and the ladies always were sewing, which made me curious. Thanks again!

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Live Transcript – Roland Hui – Queenship