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Little Moreton Hall – Roving Reporter

This month Philippa Lacey Brewell has been visiting Little Moreton Hall, a stunning Tudor time-capsule which almost defies gravity. The is detailed look at the building, it's history, inhabitants and features is fascinating.

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  1. J

    Hi there. Great film on Little Moreton Hall, a place very close to my heart as I work there! I think the film shows the real beauty of the Hall and I hope it encourages people to come and visit this wonderful Tudor gem.

    One thing I need to point out though is that the fireplace shown is not the one bearing the arms of Queen Elizabeth! I’m sure eagle eyed Society members would spot that error. The fireplace shown is actually in a Chamber off the Long Gallery in the South Range. The date of the royal fireplace is 1559 (the same year as the windows were installed), which was Elizabeth’s coronation year and William Moreton would have had to have sought permission from the Court in order to display the coat of arms in his house.

    See you there I hope! Jane Moulder.

  2. L

    Really enjoyed this video and what a beautiful hall

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Little Moreton Hall – Roving Reporter