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Tudor Battles and Rebellions Quiz

Enjoy this fun quiz on battles and rebellions in the Tudor era.

Tudor Battles and rebellions

Q1) The Battle of Bosworth saw Henry VII defeating Richard III, but in which year did it take place?





Q2) Who won the 1545 Battle of Ancrum Moor?

The Scots

The English

The Welsh

The French

Q3) Which battle ended Kett's Rebellion in 1549?



Solway Moss


Q4) Which queen was acting as regent when the Battle of Flodden took place?

Elizabeth of York

Catherine Parr

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Q5) Which king was killed at the Battle of Flodden?

James IV of Scotland

James V of Scotland

James III of Scotland

James VI of Scotland

Q6) In whose reign did the Battle of Yellow Ford take place?

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Elizabeth I

Edward VI

Q7) At which battle were the forces of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln defeated by those of Henry VII?

Battle of Stoke Field

Battle of Samford Courtenay

Battle of Carberry Hill

Battle of Blackheath

Q8) In which county did the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion break out in October 1536.





Q9) Pilgrimage of Grace rebel Robert Aske was executed by which method?

He was hanged in chains

He was hanged, drawn and quartered

He was beheaded

He was pressed to death under a heavy weight

Q10) The 1497 Battle of Deptford Bridge is also known as...

The Battle of Towton

Deputy's Pass

The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

The Battle of Blackheath

Q11) In which year did the Rising of the North or the Revolt of the Northern Earls take place?





Q12) Which of these battles was part of the Rough Wooing conflict?

Battle of Solway Moss

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

Battle of Ancrum Moor

All of the above

Q13) Who won the Battle of the Spurs in August 1513?

The French

The Scots

The English

The Irish

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  1. L

    A good quiz, Claire. Thank you.
    The only thing I would say, is that the “Battle of the Spurs” was hardly a battle it was more of a temper tantrum. There may have been a few cuts and bruises for Dr Wendy and his men to have dealt with, but that was it.

    1. L

      The only casualties were the French, but considering that Agincourt, and Bosworth especially Bosworth wiped out almost 3 generations of families in one foul swoop. Henry’s little spat at Guinegate was nothing more than a military exercise, on how to laugh your socks off at the Golden Git from across the water. The Spurs battle in my opinion, was a ruse set up by Louis to distract Henry away from the peace treaty he was making with Ferdinand and the Emperor behind his back.

    2. C - Post Author

      Yes, it’s known as “the battle that never was”.

  2. L

    All of Henry’s battles really were a joke. The only one that could really be called a battle, and I mean the get stuck in and kill anything that moves sort of Battle was Flodden. And he wasn’t anywhere near it, which probably why it was such a success.
    Seriously Henry was all bluster and ballast, he had big dreams but only a small brain to plan what it actually took get the job done. I don’t know why but I kind of get the impression, that all he needed to do to win any battle was to show up, and his enemy, would fall dead at his feet, run away, or beg for mercy blah blah, and the crown of France and the Keys of the French Cities, would be given to him on a Golden Plate. He was such a b***** disease, that even Louis Paster would have a hard job finding a cure for him… LOL

  3. A

    Oh my goodness, I did poorly on this one! Good Quiz! The only battle I knew anything about was Flodden and Pinkie Cleugh and I only knew Pinkie because Francis Knollys was in it!

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Tudor Battles and Rebellions Quiz