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Katherine Howard Quiz

Our quiz maestro Rebecca Larson is testing your knowledge on Queen Katherine Howard this week. Enjoy and good luck!

Katherine Howard Quiz

Q1) Katherine Howard was the cousin of which other queen consort of Henry VIII?

Katherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Katherine Parr

Q2) Katherine Howard married Henry VIII in 1540 at which palace?

Hampton Court



St James's

Q3) This nobleman was uncle to both Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn.

Duke of Suffolk

Duke of Norfolk

Duke of Buckingham

Earl of Surrey

Q4) Which of the following people was not executed as a result of Katherine Howard's downfall?

Jane Boleyn

Henry Manox

Francis Dereham

Thomas Culpeper

Q5) Where was Katherine imprisoned between leaving Hampton Court Palace in November 1541 and going to the Tower of London in February 1542?

Greenwich Palace


Syon Abbey

Wolf Hall

Q6) Before her execution, Katherine was said to have practised this...

Her final speech

Her walk to the scaffold

Her final prayer

Laying her head on the block

Q7) Katherine Howard was Henry VIII's ........... wife.





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    I got 6 out of 7!

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Katherine Howard Quiz