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Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford

In today's Claire Chats video I talk about Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford, her life, her downfall and why Henry VIII had to change the law to execute her.

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  1. L

    I don’t believe Jane condoned Katherine Howard’s light behaviour, I also don’t believe Katherine and Culpepper had sex, but maybe indulged in some sexual jiggery pokery, i.e Intercural sex.. This would explain the meddle with a man, without getting pregnant.
    I believe Jane B may have had some sort of mental breakdown, but then perhaps was able to gather her wits long enough to realise that, nothing she said or did would change her fate.
    I also feel that Jane was a marked woman from the time of Anne B’s downfall. As you know I have a theory of why Katherine had to die, and I believe that theory also included Jane.
    As for her marriage with George it’s my belief that it was a marriage of mutual satisifaction. Poor Jane was just another of “enry’s hapless victims. Our “enry has a lot of sins to atone for.. Along with the senseless murder of Anne, Katherine, George and Jane, and others there is “enry, brutal sadistic paranoid rage again Margaret Pole, a little old lady whose only crime was that she had a son called Reginald. The word starting with B doesn’t even cut the mustard where “enry is concerned with me…

  2. A

    This was great! Really enjoyed it!

  3. L

    Claire that was really interesting , your talk made me see Jane as human and not some nasty woman that some histories predict . I personally feel the Katherine did have sex with Culpepper as you are talking about to young people who’s hormones would
    be rampant even through Katherine had decorum . But really who knows, but your chats do make people from history come to life. Very enjoyable

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Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford