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Christopher Marlowe video

In today's Claire Chats I talk about Christopher Marlowe, the Elizabethan poet and playwright, his life and the controversies surrounding him.

Here are two clips from the same scene of Doctor Faustus, but different productions. The first is a clip from a 2010 production of Doctor Faustus performed at Greenwich Theatre and the second is the film starring Richard Burton as Faustus and Elizabeth Taylor as Helen of Troy. It is the scene where Mephistopheles has conjured up Helen to distract Faustus from his thoughts of repentance and to persuade him to keep his pact with Lucifer.

Article "Who killed Christopher Marlowe" by Park Honan can be found at

If you're an Oxford DNB subscriber, you can read Charles Nicholl's biography of Marlowe at

Here is a portrait said to be of Marlowe. However, as Nicholl points out, the only things linking it to Marlowe are the sitter's age - the portrait is inscribed Anno Dni 1585 Aetatis sua[e] 21 and Marlowe would have been 21 in 1585 - and the fact that it was found at Corpus Christi, Cambridge, where, of course, Marlowe studied.


Further reading regarding the theories on Marlowe's death:

You can read more about the Marlovian Theory, Marlowe as Shakespeare, at

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  1. S

    Oh, that Richard Burton takes my breath away.
    Thank you for this chat, Claire. Marlowe is such a fascinating character isn’t he? I do love his work.

  2. I

    The man marlowe seems to have been a massive wrongdoer, and promoter of ills and foolishnes

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Christopher Marlowe video