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Illustrated Kings and Queens of England

Available on Kindle and as a full color coffee table hardback book, "Illustrated Kings and Queens of England" is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in the English Monarchy.

You can download your very own copy of this book from the following links:


Other E-Readers (EPUB 100Mb)

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  1. M

    I’m having problems downloading the book. Is it ready for download to Kindle? Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


  2. M

    It finally worked! I guess my work wireless was blocking the download, so I disconnected my phone from it.

  3. A - Post Author

    Hi Margaret,

    Yes, It’s ready for download. You just click on the link above using your computer, and save it somewhere that you can find it again. Then, using the USB lead of your computer you can copy it onto the kindle into the “Documents” directory. It’s a big file so might take a while to download.
    I don’t believe that you can download it directly to your kindle.

    1. M

      I was trying to get it using my phone. As soon as I disconnected from the office wireless, it worked straight away. They block the most ridiculous things. Baby Gap is blocked due to “content lingerie”. Well it may have taken lingerie to get to the point of needing Baby Gap….:)

      1. C


  4. D

    Hi Claire and Tim.
    I am very excited about the new book. Unfortunately I am having trouble downloading the EPUB version. Not sure why.


    1. J

      I am also having this problem – I downloaded it twice, but neither time it worked! It downloads fine, but then it will not let me open it in my program. I downloaded my free book that I got when I registered in this same EPUB format and it works fine in my program, it just seems to be this publication. . . Just wanted to let you know that I am also having this problem!

      1. A - Post Author

        Hi Johanna,
        Have you solved this yet? Could you try downloading Adobe Digital Editions to your computer and reading the EPUB with that? ( This worked as a solution for Donna.
        Let me know ([email protected]) if you are still having problems.


        1. J

          It worked! Thank you so much!

  5. M

    Thanks Claire and Tim and Verity. It’s a beautiful book.

  6. L

    Thank you.

  7. D

    I tried to transfer it to my kindle fire but didn’t succeed luckily I have a kindle fire app on my laptop and I was able to download it to that so I can read it on my laptop.

  8. L

    Got it! No problem downloading or transferring to my Kindle! So glad to finally have it! 😀

  9. D

    What a stunning book!
    Very interesting read and beautiful illustrations.

    Thank you so much

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Illustrated Kings and Queens of England