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Henry Howard Quiz

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, was the cousin of Queens Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, a famous Tudor poet and a man who managed to end up in prison a few times, but how much do you know about this Tudor courtier? Find out with this fun quiz. Good luck!

Henry Howard Quiz

Q1) Which of the following men were Henry Howard's grandfathers?

King Henry VI

Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk

Henry Howard, Duke of Suffolk

Q2) From 1520-1521, Henry and his family lived here because of his father's position as lord lieutenant...





Q3) In which year did Henry Howard become Earl of Surrey?





Q4) With which of Henry VIII's children did Henry Howard spend a lot of time?

Edward VI

Elizabeth I

Henry Fitzroy

Mary I

Q5) At the end of 1529, the Duke of Norfolk was attempting a marriage between his son and this woman...

Frances de Vere

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Princess Mary

Elizabeth Grey

Q6) When Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn travelled to Calais in October 1532, the Earl of Surrey and Henry Fitzroy were part of the entourage. Why did the young men stay behind in France after the king and Anne returned to England?

A treaty with France

To finish their education

They were imprisoned

They were due to marry French noblewomen

Q7) In which year did Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, have his first military command?





Q8) In 1538, Surrey was appointed to which of the following positions?

Commissioner of the Sewers

Steward of the Duchy of Lancaster

Groom of the Stool

The king's cupbearer

Q9) In 1542, Surrey was imprisoned in the Fleet for challenging this man to a duel...

Edward Seymour

John à Leigh

Thomas Wyatt

John North

Q10) On what date was Surrey executed?

22 April 1546

19 January 1547

28 January 1547

1 December 1546

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  1. R

    I love that, Anne Boleyn was in favour of the marriage between Henry Howard, Surrey and Princess Mary and then changed her mind. It really had nothing to do with her because she wasn’t Queen, she wasn’t the male or female head of the Norfolk family, she was Henry’s paramour, not even that as she wasn’t living with him. Anne was his girlfriend, mistress, his intended, but not someone who should be dictating such a policy. It was between Norfolk and King Henry and technically they could have told her to mind her own business as a woman and not the person to make that decision. However, because at this time Henry was so enraptured with Anne and she was the most influential person in his life, she was the one he was consulting and obviously gave weight to her opinion. It is for stuff like this that she was disliked. A mistress did often rule the King. Henry would have been seen as making a grave error in allowing Anne to so influence his decisions, but did it any way. Yes, they were in a relationship and loved each other, he trusted her opinion, but it was not wise to listen to interference in a matter of state. This is also considered a problem with their marriage, Anne expected and at first did, to still advise her husband on state matters, as Queen, but Henry had other ideas and she would be expected to conform to Tudor wifey norms. Anne was intelligent but maybe not blessed with common sense. She didn’t conform.

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