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As this weekend is Halloween, the beginning of Hallowtide, I thought I'd share these resources from the archives as our "Friday video", or rather videos!

You can read all twelve of the Byland Ghost stories in their original Latin or translated into English at the Byland Abbey Ghost Stories Project. The versions I read, which make a bit more sense, are taken from Andrew Joynes' Medieval Ghost Stories which is a large collection of ghost stories divided into sections on Ghosts and Monks, Ghosts and the Court, The Restless Dead, and Ghosts in Medieval Literature. It's a good read but not of them are particularly scary, well, not to those of us who spent our teens scaring ourselves silly with Stephen King novels! As I say in my video, though, medieval people would have been frightened by the thought of restless spirits not being able to move on. They were very concerned with the fate of their mortal soul.

Now try not to have nightmares!

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Do you believe in ghosts? I'm not sure, but I do love a good ghost story and there are lots involving Tudor personalities and places. As it's coming up to Halloween, I thought I'd share a few. Please do share ones you've heard too!

And here's Skeletor!

Hear some Tower of London ghost stories from a Yeoman Warder. He makes some mistakes with dates, but it’s an interesting video nevertheless:

More ghost stories:

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But did medieval and Tudor people believe in ghosts?

Here are some other resources on ghosts, Halloween and Hallowtide...

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