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Food preservation in Tudor times – Brigitte Webster

How did the Tudors preserve their food? This week's Friday video is an in-depth dive into the ways that the Tudors stored and preserved their food. Don't think that they used spices to make bad food taste good as that would be completely wrong!

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  1. C

    Loved is presentation Brigitte. Nice to know some of my favourite spices go back to Tudor times for preserves

  2. M

    Thank to, very interesting. Your videos and talks are fascinating. Michelle t

  3. C

    Great video, Michelle. My grandma was a great pickle, jam maker and bottler of pears and apples. We always had those rough apples, called in Devon Russetts, kept wrapped in newspaper for Christmas.She also used to dry fruit. She would make brawn too, which I hated but grew to like as I got older. My grandfather and her lived in the country anc had a large garden, with often a pig kept at the bottom and a few chickens.

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Food preservation in Tudor times – Brigitte Webster