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Gunpowder Plot Places to Visit

Coughton Court

Coughton Court

There are various historical houses which have links to the Gunpowder Plot and you can read all about them in the article by BBC History Magazine - click here - but here they are with links to their websites:

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    Can I add one or two more, please? Saint Michael the Belfrey in York the place that Guy Fawkes was baptized and the Swan Inn, hotel and very old meeting place of sixteenth and seventeenth century students and radicals, also in York. Research by local historians at the inn, in the Shambles uncovered sketching and weird code written by one Fawkes before he went abroad. The letters were then handed to experts at the museum and it has now been confirmed in 2013 that it was here the plot was hatched, several members having come to meet here and moan and drink and wonder how to change their growing intolerable situation. It is now claimed in a placard, with copies of the finds on the wall that the inn was a regular haunt of Fawkes and friends some time before the plot was formally designed and shows they had this and other ideas well in advance of the summer of 1605 when they attempted to tunnel into Parliament before the barrel idea in the cellar came into being. Interesting what you find in these old eating places. Good food and ale also available.

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      Thank you!

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Gunpowder Plot Places to Visit