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General Tudor History Quiz

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General Tudor History Quiz

Q1) Which of the following events did NOT happen at Hampton Court Palace?

The marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr

The death of Jane Seymour

Henry VIII's discovery of Catherine Howard's colourful past

The arrest of Anne Boleyn

Q2) Which of the following Tudor women was NOT placed in the Tower because of her love for a man?

Margaret Douglas

Lettice Knollys

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Catherine Grey

Q3) Henry VIII's "Great House of Easement" at Hampton Court Palace was so large that it could seat how many people at one time?





Q4) True or false: The rooms where Anne Boleyn was held prior to her execution were located in the White Tower at the Tower of London?



Q5) Which of the following is considered a martyr for the Catholic Church? (Tick all that apply)

Margaret Pole

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk

John Fisher

Robert Aske

Q6) Which of the following people DID NOT die in the year 1536?

Anne Boleyn

Thomas More

Henry Fitzroy

Catherine of Aragon

Q7) What was the punishment for a person found guilty of poisoning after the 1531 "Acte for Poysoning"?


Being hanged, drawn and quartered

Being pressed with a weight

Being boiled alive

Q8) Which of the following people was not born at Greenwich?

Henry VIII

Mary I

Elizabeth I

Edward VI

Q9) Which of the following things did Lettice Knollys and Elizabeth I not have in common?

Their love for Robert Dudley

Their love of cooking

Their family links with the Boleyns

Their hair colour

Q10) Jane Seymour was the third wife of Henry VIII. The last name Seymour derived from this surname of a man who came to England with William the Conqueror.



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General Tudor History Quiz