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General Tudor History Quiz

This week's Sunday puzzle is a general Tudor history quiz. Grab your favourite snack and beverage, make yourself comfortable and let's get testing your knowledge of Tudor history with this fun quiz.

General Tudor History

Q1) In 1548, Elizabeth Tudor was sent from the household of Katherine Parr to live with the Dennys at which location?





Q2) This was given as a gift to Mary Tudor from her husband King Louis XII and after his death (and Mary secretly married Brandon) it was given to Henry VIII.

The cup of Florence

The Mirror of Naples

The Tiara of Braganza

A painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Q3) Which of the following ladies was suggested as a bride for Thomas Seymour during Henry VIII's reign?

Mary Howard

Katherine Parr

Mary, Henry VIII's daughter

Anne of Cleves

Q4) Which of the following women did not attempt to marry without permission from the monarch?

Margaret Douglas

Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's sister

Catherine Grey

Mary Howard

Q5) This woman was governess to Mary, Elizabeth and Edward Tudor, children of Henry VIII and all future monarchs. Who was she?

Margaret Bryan

Katherine Ashley

Joan Vaux

Margaret Pole

Q6) Which of the following men did NOT hold the title Viscount Lisle?

Charles Brandon

Henry Howard

Arthur Plantagenet

John Dudley

Q7) Which of the following men did not hold the office of "Lord Chancellor" during the Tudor era?

Thomas More

William Paulet

George Boleyn

Thomas Audley

Q8) Which of the following men did not hold the title of Archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Wolsey

William Warham

Thomas Cranmer

Reginald Pole

Q9) Which of the following people was not buried in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London?

Thomas Seymour

Catherine Howard

George Boleyn

Henry Howard

Q10) Which of the following women had the first Protestant funeral in England?

Anne Askew

Katherine Willoughby

Katherine Parr

Lady Jane Grey

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General Tudor History Quiz