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Gareth Russell Talk – The Households of Henry VIII’s Queens

This is an MP3 audio file of Gareth Russell's talk on Henry VIII's queen consorts and their households. Apologies for the poor sound quality. There is also a partial transcript (see below).

Download here - click "save link as" to save the mp3 on your computer.

Gareth Queens Household Transcript

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  1. K

    Any chance Gareth would provide us with a written post we could read given the difficulty with understanding the sound? Just a thought!

    1. C - Post Author

      I could ask Gareth if he still has the notes, but it was back in 2012 when he did this talk. I’ll see if Tim can do anything to get the sound quality better, but that might be the best we can do.

      1. C - Post Author

        Tim’s going to transcribe it – bless him!

    2. C - Post Author

      Tim’s just added a transcript so I hope that makes things easier. Thanks for asking!

  2. A

    Hope you all enjoy the transcript. There were a few parts which were unclear, but it’s mostly meaningful! Gareth is a really interesting speaker, and I love the way he can cut to the reason for things so quickly.

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Gareth Russell Talk – The Households of Henry VIII’s Queens