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January 2022 – Catholicism in the Tudor Age

The Tudor period saw great upheaval in religious beliefs throughout England. At the start of the period, the country was very much Catholic, but things changed and changed again as different monarchs took control and the country moved towards Protestantism. This month's magazine focuses on Catholicism.

This month's magazine includes

  • His Most Catholic Majesty?: Philip II’s faith collides with politics by James Baresel
  • Extreme Weather During Tudor Times by Susan Abernethy
  • Thomas More Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Catholicism in the Tudor Age - Confinement & Birth rituals by Gayle Hulme
  • Editor’s Picks by Gareth Russell
  • Three Female Catholic Saints by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Guest Speakers are Ashley Risk and Laura Loney
  • The Tudors and the Tower of London by Roland Hui
  • Six Catholic Martyrs by Gareth Russell
  • Parish Church Music in Pre-Reformation Tudor England by Jane Moulder
  • The Tudor New Year Gifts by Elizabeth Jane Timms
  • Tudor Royalty Experience by Ceri Creffield
  • A Taste of Sandwich by Toni Mount
  • Members’ Bulletin by Tim Ridgway
  • “Elizabeth I’s Last Favourite” | “Cecily” reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • Food as gifts in Tudor England by Brigitte Webster

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January 2022 – Catholicism in the Tudor Age