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February 2019 – Tudor Life – Documents and Sources

This month's Tudor Life Magazine focuses on Tudor documents and sources. Our regular writers and guests have come up with another wonderful Tudor-packed magazine. And who knows, in 500 years time, Tudor Life magazine will also be a great historical document!

  • The Real Wolf Hall by Catherine Brooks
  • Living with the Lisles by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Christopher Marlow Quotes by Claire Ridgway
  • The National Archives and the Search for a Tudor Queen by Gareth Russell
  • A Queen Imprisoned, as told by William Kingston’s Letters from the Tower of London by Roland Hui
  • Tudor Portraiture: Pictures tell a Thousand Words by Alexander Taylor
  • Tudor Worduku Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Anne of Cleves’ German Footsteps by Debra Bayani
  • St Mary’s Collegiate Church in Warwick by Carole Jung
  • February’s Expert Lecture is on Anne of Brittany with Rosza Gaston
  • Caldey Island by Kyra Kramer
  • Tudor Life Editor’s Picks by Gareth Russell
  • Book Reviews: Daring Dynasty and In Pursuit of Civility Reviews by
  • Charlie Fenton
  • The Not-so-golden Age of Elizabethan England by Toni Mount
  • From the Spicery On Cuckoos by Rioghnach O’Geraghty
  • February’s "On this Day in Tudor History" by Claire Ridgway

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February 2019 – Tudor Life – Documents and Sources