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Facebook Live – Tudor Chat – Claire Ridgway

Everyone had a fun chat on Friday with Claire on the members-only Facebook page. The topics were diverse but a lot was taken up with discussing who would be the best Tudor people to have around for a meal!

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  1. L

    I was so very pleased to see this Facebook chat (that I missed) – posted to watch. I enjoyed it very much. So lovely to see you Claire and to hear about other member’s ideas on dinner guests and book recommendations etc. Also very interested to hear about your future plans (book wise) especially that there ‘might’ be a book in the works about Anne of Cleves. Of course this is a SECRET. lol …. As always a lovely, friendly and informative chat. Quite diverse subjects too! Sorry I missed it. Maybe I’ll catch a Facebook chat, next time. To you, Tim and to ALL Tudor Society Members – all the best and take care!

  2. M

    Claire, I’m very sorry you are still not feeling well, and hope you feel better soon. Thank you for posting! An enjoyable conversation.
    My dinner guests… Margaret of Austria (completely obsessed, and Tudor- ish). Mary Tudor Brandon, Queen of France, Charles Brandon, Elizabeth of York, Queen Jane Grey, and Henry VII. I’m cheating and adding a sixth guest because I wouldn’t actually be able to enjoy the meal. (Gastroparesis and fed via IV). There are so, so many more…
    Thanks again, Michelle t

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Facebook Live – Tudor Chat – Claire Ridgway