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Expert Talk – The Rise of the Howard Dynasty – Gareth Russell

For this month's expert talk we have Gareth Russell, author of Young and Damned and Fair: The Life and Tragedy of Catherine Howard at the Court of Henry VIII, talking about the rise of the Howard family.

Gareth is joining us in the chatroom for a live chat about the Howards and his work on Catherine and her family on Friday 28th July.
Here are the times in different time zones:

  • London, UK - Friday 28 July at 11pm
  • Madrid, Spain - Saturday 29 July at 12am
  • New York, USA - Friday 28 July at 6pm
  • Los Angeles, USA - Friday 28 July at 3pm
  • Sydney, Australia - Saturday 29 July at 8am
  • Adelaide, Australia - Saturday 29 July at 7.30am

Live chats take place in the Tudor Society chatroom at It's really easy to join in, you just go to the chatroom at the scheduled time and type your question or comment in to the text box and click on "send".

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  1. J

    Fascinating and well done.. Gareth, as usual, does an excellent job !

    1. A - Post Author

      Thanks Jean. This really was a fascinating talk about such an amazing family. I hope you’ll make our live chat later in the month where you can ask questions direct to Gareth.

  2. P

    There is an echo of the talk starting from the section on Annalesa. It is very distracting. Is there any way to fix this? It seems to be short, but annoying.

    1. A - Post Author

      Hi – THanks for pointing that out. I’ve found the issue and am re-making the video… it’ll take a while to rebuild the whole video and then re-upload it… but well worth doing! Thank you for pointing it out!

  3. P

    Fascinating information. Thank you for your scholarship.

  4. A - Post Author

    The echo sound mentioned by Paulla has now been fixed.

    1. P

      Thanks. That was very informative and interesting.

  5. L

    Looking forward to chatting with Gareth again. I must admit I have a soft spot for him.

    1. C

      Me too, he’s lovely!

  6. D

    If that half-hour chat is anything to go by, the book must be a cracker! Really enjoyed listening about the ‘roots’ from which the Norfolk’s grew. AND l must say his command of the English language and his discriptions are great…not to mention his speaking voice… hahaha. In fact can you send him round to mine to read his book to me 😊

    1. C

      “Young and Damned and Fair” is excellent, I highly recommend it. Ha, I’m sure he won’t mind a trip to Scotland!!

  7. L

    Thank you for your excellent talk. I’ve always been interested in Anne Boleyn and her family.

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Expert Talk – The Rise of the Howard Dynasty – Gareth Russell