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December 14 – The burial of Queen Mary I

On this day in Tudor history, 14th December 1558, in the reign of her half-sister, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary I was buried at Westminster Abbey.

Mary had died just under a month earlier, on 17th November 1558. She'd left instructions for her burial, requesting that Catherine of Aragon's remains be exhumed and brought from Peterborough to London so that mother and daughter could rest in peace together.

Did this happen?

Find out about Mary I's burial and who shares her tomb...

Note: Somehow a little bit went missing. At 00:58 ish, I should say "Although Mary had left instructions in her will for her mother Catherine of Aragon's remains to be exhumed and brought to London, so that mother and daughter could be buried together, her instructions were ignored. Mary was buried by herself at Westminster, with just stones marking her resting place."

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December 14 – The burial of Queen Mary I