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Courtly Love – Expert Talk – Sarah Gristwood

This month our guest expert is Sarah Gristwood, author of "The Tudors in Love: The Courtly Code Behind the Last Medieval Dynasty", and she's chatting with Claire Ridgway all about the mysteries of the Courtly Love tradition. Where did it come from? Why did the Tudor Court follow its rules? What effects did it have? This and much more in our talk...

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    I really enjoyed tis talk. Thank you so much!

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    So very interesting! Loved it. I appreciate the excellent questions, Claire, and Sarah Gristwood’s answers. Really explains a lot, and I also very much appreciated the examples she gave. Thank you! Michelle t

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    I really wish I caught this live with you all. I always thought Henry VII used the King Arthur stories for propaganda, and Henry VIII used it to set the stage for romance on top of that. I have thought of courtly love as their way to flirt and show their feelings. To gain some excitement and romance in their lives. To even make their marriages bearable possibly by playing these roles. Henry didn’t want reality but that exciting feeling of new love. Thank you so much for this talk. I hope to chat with you all later.

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Courtly Love – Expert Talk – Sarah Gristwood