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Congratulations to John Ashdown-Hill on his MBE

John-Ashdown-HillOn behalf of all the members of the Tudor Society, I would just like to offer our sincere and warm congratulations to historian John Ashdown-Hill who has been awarded an MBE for services to Historical Research and the Exhumation and Identification of Richard III.

John is a lovely man who has been so giving of his time, knowledge and expertise in sharing articles with us in Tudor Life magazine, and his discovery of Richard III's mtDNA sequence was obviously a key part of the Richard III dig. I don't know Philippa Langley at all but I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her MBE for services to the exhumation and identification of Richard III. Without her passion and commitment, Richard III's remains would not have been found in 2012.

Congratulations to them both on their awards.

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    That’s wonderful news! I love reading Dr. John Ashdown-Hills’ books because he always presents his material in a clear, intelligent manner. He doesn’t “talk down” to the reader, and provides solid research and historical information to back up the subject material. Like a great number of people, I began reading about King Richard III after his skeleton was discovered. I’ve always loved medieval history and I’ve found so many wonderful books to read that expand my knowledge of that time period. Looking forward to the day a new film is made about King Richard III that is based on the revisionist opinions as we’ve had 500+ years of the other view. Congratulations to both Dr. Ashdown-Hill and Phillippa Langley.

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Congratulations to John Ashdown-Hill on his MBE