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tudor_society_cubeHistorian Gareth Russell is the editor of our monthly Tudor Life magazine and he's been working hard on scheduling expert articles and also expert talks for the next few months. We are thrilled to bits that so many historians and authors want to be involved in the Tudor Society by offering their knowledge and expertise to our members - a big thank you to them and to all our members too for your continued support.

Contributors to Tudor Life magazine in the coming months include:

Upcoming magazine themes include:

I know how much many of you enjoy our monthly expert talks followed by live-chats. Expert speakers for the next few months include:

And there will of course be the weekly Claire Chats videos (please let Claire know if there's a specific topic you'd like her to cover), weekly quizzes and regular articles too. The Tudor Society is a busy and growing site, so do log-in regularly to check out all the recent content.

Don't forgeth the archives. All Tudor Society members have full access to our archives so make sure you have a good browse. As I write this, there are 12 magazines, 52 quizzes, 52 weekly chats and 14 monthly expert chats as well as many other videos and audios, plus articles and primary sources - enjoy!

Do remember that anyone who is an active member on 1st October 2015 will be sent two gifts free of charge, it's just our little way of saying "thank you":

Phew! We have so much planned and I do hope you'll stick with us for this fun ride through Wars of the Roses and Tudor history, I'm loving it!

Subscriptions to the Tudor Society are automatically renewed via Paypal through the agreement you set up when you joined, which means you never miss a day of content. If you need to change your subscription, e.g. from monthly to six monthly, then simply log-in and click here.

Thank you once again for being a Tudor Society member!

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