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Claire’s bookcase – Elizabeth I

In today's Claire Chats video talk, Claire goes through the books she has on Elizabeth I, her reign and prominent people in her reign.

Claire mentioned the Claire Chats video she had done on "Elizabeth I's Coronation Procession and The Quenes Maiesties Passage" and you can click here to view that.

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  1. M

    Thanks Claire!

    I love your bookcase chats. Thanks for the great recommendations!


    1. C - Post Author

      That’s ok and I’m glad you enjoy them.

  2. C

    I love seeing your bookcases, although my bank account doesn’t! I always add a lot to my Amazon wishlist after seeing these xD

  3. S

    Thank you, Claire! I saw some books that I’ll have to look for, but I’ve run out of shelf space so I need to do a little weeding out of fiction to make more room. Always enjoy your chats.

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Claire’s bookcase – Elizabeth I