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Claire’s bookcase – Books on the Six Wives of Henry VIII

Thank you so much to Tudor Society member Anthony for inspiring today's Claire Chats talk. Anthony asked if I'd do another of my "bookcase" chats so today I thought I'd focus on my collection of books on the six wives of Henry VIII.

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  1. R

    Quite the collection!

    I so agree, historians always need to reference their sources!

  2. R

    Lovely collection, Claire and I entirely agree. I have a few books which are obviously researched because the source is quoted inside but only briefly listed in further reading. I want to be able to find it again, especially if it’s an unusual one. You don’t need to go to University to learn how to reference, you can be shown and pick up any academic text and you soon know how to reference. Your articles and books are always well referenced and it does make a big difference. Thanks for sharing.

  3. S

    This is wonderful….am reading the book “Katherine of Aragon: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII’s First…” LOVE it…your “book case” Claire chats are some of my favorites!!…love the cooking ones too! Thanks!

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Shelley!

  4. A

    Thank you for making this amazing video Claire! Love this subject and alot of great books there and some I need to check out! Take care and hope everyone in the family is well x

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you for inspiring it! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, you too.

  5. M

    Thank you Claire! Wonderful chat and information as always!

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you!

  6. T

    Brilliant video, Claire.
    I love your bookshelves, so similar to my own shelves and my own attitudes to what I like about these wonderful books. And I totally agree about how primary sources are invaluable in getting to the real truth.
    I enjoy reading the Anne Boleyn Collection and listening to the audio version when doing the nursery run. I’d really like to see an audio version of the Anne Boleyn Collection 2.
    Many thanks for these enjoyable ‘Claire Chats’ and all your work x

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Claire’s bookcase – Books on the Six Wives of Henry VIII