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Claire needs your feedback

This week, Claire needs your help and feedback, so please do watch the brief video and leave a comment below sharing your opinion and ideas. It would also be helpful if you could answer the poll. Thank you so much!

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  1. M

    Hi Claire, I just watched your video,(haven’t taken the poll yet but will). I like the Claire Chats videos as they are. I also understand there may be a need for a change and that’s ok, too.
    I am usually here at least once a day. However, the last 10 or so days, I’ve been out of sorts, hard to explain, nothing to do with you guys. When I came over after a few days and was the Wendy Dunn giveaway, I was so furious with myself. Almost 6 months of every day and when I don’t I miss the giveaway. I enjoyed Wendy’s talks so much last month and would have loved to have won her book. I left a comment, but I believe I missed the deadline by several hours.
    I also don’t necessarily view videos in order. In my crazy pursuit of Tudor knowledge, I go off on tangents and bounce around.
    I knew I am several days behind in viewing videos. It’s a personal, health reason and not the videos. I am so thrilled to have a little back up so I can watch marathon style. I’m also still fairly new here, and i have a treasure trove to view from previous years as well.
    I am sorry about missing Wendy’s giveaway. I don’t pay attention to emails, my husband does that and he never gave me a heads up. He probably thought I knew. It was my oversight.
    Anyway, these are my thoughts off the top of my head. I like the videos, I enjoy them immensely and learn a lot. But in my time, in my way. My scattter brained, back and forth, all over the place kind of way.
    Let me ask you a question if I may… Do you appreciate questions on your video posts? I can tend to ask questions, but have noticed they don’t get much reply, or another member answers them. Which is ok.
    I will come back to take the poll in several hours. I won’t forget. I’m a little behind and want to watch a little backlog that I have.
    Thank you.
    Michelle Tercha

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you so much, Michelle, for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it. Thank you for the feedback. I know the summer months are busy for people, so it may just be that people are a bit too busy to fit everything in at the moment and there are obviously a lot of videos going on the site at the moment, plus magazines etc.!

      I’m so sorry, I’m a bit behind with comments. I do try to get time to read and answer, but am struggling at the moment. But, yes, I really do appreciate comments and questions.

      Oh no, I’m so sorry you didn’t see the giveaway until too late!

  2. M

    Thank you! Yes, I was very disappointed. Especially since I really like Wendy. But I’ll still catch up with the video in time.
    Know that this is my absolute very favorite thing in the world, the Tudor Society. I love having a plethora of videos and articles, among other resources, at my leisure. I have loved everything I’ve seen and read so far. I’ve yet to participate in a chat, but that’s more due to my terrible memory than anything, and will try and come.
    Thank you for all you do. Now off to the survey.

  3. L

    Hi Claire! Thanks for reaching out to us! For me, I do love the Claire Chats, and look forward to the different topics each week, because I always find them very interesting! Unfortunately I don’t always have a chance to watch them until a few days later or the following week, if work happens to be quite busy! Which is actually the case with the one of you and Wendy, as it is literally on my desktop ready to watch this weekend!! So even if I fall behind sometimes, i do always eventually watch them, and really enjoy the topics and format! And the On This Day in Tudor History videos are great too, along with the Expert Talks, and of course Phillipa’s videos too! Thanks for all these great resources!!

  4. S

    Hi Claire, I do enjoy the Claire Chats but don’t always listen to them on a weekly basis. I often catch up with them on a monthly basis.
    Doing a book review perhaps once a month sounds a good idea to me but I do enjoy the videos as I do On This Day videos too.
    I didn’t do Wendy’s Giveaway as I already have the book which I purchased as soon as it was published.
    I don’t always make comments but I think you are doing a great job and I enjoy being a member of the Tudor Society.
    So keep going and thank you!

  5. M

    Hi Claire!

    I LOVE your Claire chats. I am finishing up a Master’s Degree so have very little spare time these days. Whenever I sign in however, I look around and try to watch at least one video. I think bang for the buck, Claire Chats are tops; a great deal of good information on a specific topic, all in one place. Like Michelle, I tend to jump around depending on the topic I’m researching or obsessing over at the time; so I might choose to watch a much older chat and skip the more current ones.

    As you said, summer is a busy time for most of us. Maybe do fewer chats during the summer months?

    Some of my favorite chats are those where you share what is on your bookshelf. I love your excitement when describing certain books. And when I see all the bookmarks and notes I know they are well loved and used.

    I hope that helps! Please keep doing what you’re doing – I hope you don’t feel that the videos are unappreciated. Speaking for myself, they are one of my favorite Tudor Society features!

    Keep up the excellent work. And I LOVE your new Anne Boleyn tattoo. It looks fantastic on your lovely English complexion!


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