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Ancestry and family trees

In today's Claire Chats video talk, I'm sharing hints and tips for starting your family tree and also asking for Tudor Society members to share their hints and tips, and also what you have found during your research into your family tree.


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  1. L

    Thank you for the tips. I recommend
    and British History online, at least for people like me, with almost half of my ancestry originally from England and Scotland (via US colonial ancestors). I’d love to go to England myself and hunt through archives and church records. I don’t have much time (or money) to do that-it’s one of the must do’s on my list before I die. I have been to Europe, traveling around after college, but wasn’t interested in genealogy back then, although I’ve always been interested in history.

    I also have the benefit of a book written by 2 men who were about 2nd or 3rd cousins twice removed from me, and were genealogy fanatics in the 20th century-long before the internet. They traveled to places for research (like your in-laws), and provided a bunch of information about almost 1/4 of my tree on my father’s side (its about Bennetts, and merely their last 350+ years in the US). That helped.

    Check sources one’s self. Other people’s family trees aren’t sources, unless the trees have proof provided that one can look up. There are many You Tube talks on genealogy by genealogists, and free podcasts.

    Regarding the other half of the family, I started emailing my mother about it, but she is busy this month with work (she will never retire) and getting some minor plastic surgery… I don’t know much beyond her parents, and she comes from a country in East Asia with different writing, etc, so it will be tougher.

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Ancestry and family trees