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Interview with Wendy J Dunn and competition

This week's Claire Chats video talk is a special one. Tim and I have just had historical novelist and Tudor Life Magazine contributor) Wendy J Dunn staying with us here in Spain for a few days, which was lovely. Verity and I shared a wonderful day with Wendy at Granada's Alhambra, which was very special as Wendy's last novel was all about Catherine of Aragon's early life which, of course, included time at the Alhambra.

I thought I'd take advantage of Wendy and interview her for my YouTube channel and for the Tudor Society, with a slightly different focus for each interview. Here is the Tudor Society one:

We're giving away two signed copies of Wendy's novel Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters, one in a competition solely for Tudor Society members, and another over at the Anne Boleyn Files. To enter the Tudor Society competition, simply leave a comment below saying which Tudor personality is your very favourite. Leave your comment between now and the end of Tuesday 11th June. A comment will be picked at random and the winner contacted to confirm their postal address.

You can, of course, also enter the competition over at the Anne Boleyn Files to be in with another chance of winning - the other video can be viewed there. Simply go to

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  1. L

    My favourite Tudor personality has to be Mary 1st. From being a small child I have always been drawn to Mary as well as her mother Katherine of Aragon . The first book I ever read about Mary 1st was by Hilda Lewis and was so surprised to learn the real Mary and not just the negative Mary, I enjoyed the trilogy so much that I became totally hooked . For as long as I can remember I’ve always been passionate about the Tudors and still am.

  2. M

    My favorite? Hmm, so many. Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth (Henry’s mother). So many more interested in. Catherine Howard, Queen Jane Grey, Jane Boleyn…

    Thank you for the giveaway! I always enjoy Wendys videos.

    Michelle t

  3. L

    Thanks Claire and Wendy, for the interesting talk! Very insightful to hear these techniques about writing historical fiction! And I love your point about not having to choose sides between Catherine and Anne.. even though Anne is certainly my favorite Tudor personality, I also really like and admire Catherine too! What a strong woman!

  4. M

    Hello Claire and Wendy!

    Wendy, I won a signed copy of your book “Falling Pomegranate Seeds” a year or so ago. You sent me the most lovely note and were so gracious!

    Thanks for a great chat,


    1. M

      And Wendy, I loved the book!

  5. W

    Smile – knowing a reader has loved my work really makes my day! Thank you, Mary! I thank you for all your kind support!

  6. L

    Hi Claire and Wendy, thank you both so much for sending me the wonderful book Falling Pomegranate Seeds , and what a lovely surprise to have the book signed by Wendy it really has made my day. I’m so looking forward to reading it’s as I love reading about Katherine of Aragon, In fact I’m going to read it tonight. Once again, thank you .

    1. C - Post Author

      I’m so glad it got to you safely and congratulations on winning it. It’s a wonderful book.

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Interview with Wendy J Dunn and competition