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Christmas Quiz 2015

As it's very nearly Christmas, I thought it would be fun for you to test your knowledge of Tudor Christmas traditions.

Good luck!

Christmas Quiz 2015

Q1) Boy Bishops were usually elected on 6th December, but which saint's feast day was this?

St Thomas

St Stephen

St Nicholas

St Augustine

Q2) On 21st December, the feast day of St Thomas the Apostle, it was traditional for people to "go Thomasing", what was this?

Carol singing

Collecting greenery to decorate the home

Process around the orchards blessing the fruit trees

Collecting alms

Q3) What would those drinking Wassail find at the bottom of the communal bowl?

A piece of bread

A coin

A bean


Q4) According to the 16th century poet and farmer, Thomas Tusser, what was traditionally done to live-stock on 26th December, the feast of St Stephen?

They were moved inside



They were fed Christmas left-overs

Q5) How many ingredients were there traditionally in a "mynced pye"?





Q6) One dish often served as a side dish at Christmas was frumenty, what was it?

A wheat porridge

Pickled cabbage


Bread sauce

Q7) Brawn and mustard was a popular dish at Christmas - what meat was brawn?


Wild boar



Q8) Which Christmas dish had a Tudor Christmas carol named after it?


The mynced pye

The humble pie

The boar's head

Q9) Which vegetable was first recorded as being eaten at Christmas in the 1580s?

The potato

The parsnip

The Brussels sprout

The carrot

Q10) On which date was Childermas, or Holy Innocents' Day, celebrated?

28th December

30th December

20th December

29th December

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  1. L

    21st December, being the shortest day/winter solstice was the pagan Christmas day too.

  2. M

    Interesting quiz – blood-letting date was a complete lucky guess, other questions were equally mind-bending!!! lol

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Christmas Quiz 2015