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Boo! Happy Halloween!

Did I scare you? Happy Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful day whatever your plans and whether you're celebrating All Hallows Eve or not.

I thought I'd celebrate this feast day by sharing some Tudor Society resources on Halloween and also Tudor ghosts:

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  1. R

    Happy All Hallows Eve! Happy Sahain! Happy Day of the Dead! Happy Halloween! I was at a theatrical Halloween themed event in the catacombs beneath Saint George’s Hall, an ancient burial site for 8000 souls from the asylum last evening and my soul was taken by a goul so I am writing this from beyond the grave….moan!!!!!!

    It was very creepy in the dark with many shocking sites as we encountered the lost, the hung, the mad and the murderous from both sides of the Pond, even Freddie himself came over for a visit as we walked deeper and deeper into the erry dark tunnels below and below and below!!!!! Time to go!!!!!!!! Moan!!!!!!!!🌚⛄⛄

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Boo! Happy Halloween!