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Arbella Stuart – Gayle Hulme – Expert Talk

This month we have Gayle Hulme taking us through the life of Arbella Stuart, from childhood to her very sad death in the Tower of London. You'll really enjoy this detailed talk...

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  1. M

    Wonderful talk! Thank you! I enjoyed listening to the comprehensive information and learned a lot. I appreciate all the time it took to present this. Michelle t

    1. G

      Thank you Michelle. I really enjoyed doing it and I leaned a lot too.

  2. R

    Enjoyed the talk overall but

    The marriage of Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor didn’t end the wars of the roses.

    The wars had been over for 16 years at Tewkesbury so Bosworth was a rebirth of the wars and their reign up to 1503 was plagued with wars and uprisings. It only really ended afterwards.

    The reign of Elizabeth I was not a golden age. I doubt that Catholics or the women whom were imprisoned for marrying for love thought of it as anything like a golden age.

    Arbella had a dangerous and fascinating upbringing and she was a political pawn. I think her daring marriage was a love match or grew into one. Her escape was very daring and it was sad that William missed her and she ended up in the Tower. It was sad that she passed away of cancer or some kind of wasting disease.

    1. G

      By marrying Elizabeth of York, Henry VII ensured that the two factions would never again come to martial hostilities. By uniting Lancaster and York the reasons for war for neutralised. I’m sure there are lots of people during the Elizabethan age who were less than enamoured by ER’s reign, however, that doesn’t stop history recording it as a time of prosperity, discovery and literary brilliance.

  3. V

    Wonderful talk, so very interesting, thank you

    1. G

      Thank you for your kind comments. I really enjoyed doing it and hope you can join us in the chat room on Friday 24/07.

  4. T

    Hi Gayle, loved your talk. Your enthusiasm for the subject shone through.

    1. G

      Thanks, Tamise. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was my pleasure to bring some light to this very tragic lady.

  5. S

    Really enjoyed knowlegeable and easy to follow…..Thank you!!

    1. G

      Thank you Shelley. So glad you enjoyed Arbella’s story.

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Arbella Stuart – Gayle Hulme – Expert Talk