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Elizabeth I and the French – Estelle Paranque – Expert Talk

Elizabeth I is arguably the most successful and well known Tudor monarchs. In this talk, Estelle looks at Elizabeth from a different perspective - how she was seen by the French and how it shows her in a very different light...

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  1. B

    Estelle, great talk!! I have a request. How about writing a fictional novel, speculating on a marriage between E1 and a French monarch of your choice?! Wow, think about the twists and turns you could create!!!

  2. M

    Wow, what a fantastic and interesting talk! Thank you. I had no knowledge of French relations with Elizabeth. I was very fascinated when you talked about Catherine Medici’s letters, and her moods and how they came across in her letters. I knew how savvy Elizabeth was, but, wow, she was even more than I thought she was. Clever woman. Also, I appreciated the insight into Mary Queen of Scots during her marriage to Francis II. How she was more French than Scottish. That was fascinating, too. Really, a very informative, interesting, and inspired talk. I will look for your book. Thanks again!
    Michelle t

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Elizabeth I and the French – Estelle Paranque – Expert Talk