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April 2022 – Chief Ministers

Who were the chief ministers in the Tudor period? What influence did they have over the people around them and the country as a whole? In this packed magazine edition, we'll find out...

This month's magazine includes

  • William Cecil - the private life of England's greatest statesman by David Lee
  • The Life of a Musicioner by Jane Moulder
  • Chief Ministers to the Tudors - Walsingham by Gayle Hulme
  • Scrambled Dates and Events - Quiz by Tim Ridgway
  • Thomas Cromwell – Valuable Public Servant to King Henry VIII by Susan Abernethy
  • Wolsey’s Lost Tomb by Elizabeth J Timms
  • Stephen Gardiner - Bishop and Lord Chancellor by Roland Hui
  • Life and Death in Tudor Bishopsgate in the City of London by Toni Mount
  • Elizabeth and Mary: Royal Cousins, Rival Queens | Woodsmoke and Sage Book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • A Tudor house’s worst enemies by Brigitte Webster

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  1. M

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading the article on Wolsey’s lost tomb, as I was wondering about where he is recently. Michelle t

  2. T

    Thank you! I can read the whole magazine in one sitting, it is so interesting! Thank you again Claire, Tim and all the contributors. You guys are awesome! God 🙌 bless!

  3. M

    This magazine edition seems like a fascinating dive into the chief ministers of the Tudor period and their influence on England during that time. It covers a wide range of topics related to this historical era, from the private life of William Cecil to the role of Thomas Cromwell in King Henry VIII’s court. Here is https://writinguniverse.com/academic-ghostwriting/ best writing tips. The inclusion of quizzes and book reviews adds an interesting touch. Looking forward to reading it!

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April 2022 – Chief Ministers