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Anne Boleyn’s Coronation Quiz

As it's coming up to the anniversary of the coronation of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife, I thought we'd mark the occasion with an Anne Boleyn coronation quiz.

How much do you know about Anne Boleyn's coronation celebrations and ceremony?

Test yourself with this fun quiz.


#1. In which year did Anne Boleyn's coronation take place?

#2. Anne Boleyn's coronation took place on this feast day.

#3. Anne Boleyn's river procession on 29th May ended at this historic place, where she was greeted by Henry VIII.

#4. Which of the men executed in Anne's fall in 1536 was made a Knight of the Bath in her coronation celebrations?

#5. A mechanical version of this mythical creature was part of Anne's coronation river procession.

#6. This ambassador's servants led Anne's part of her coronation procession through London.

#7. Holbein designed a tableau for Anne's coronation procession but which Greek god did it feature?

#8. Who crowned Anne Boleyn?

#9. With which crown was Anne Boleyn crowned on 1st June?

#10. What colour were Anne's ermine-trimmed velvet coronation robes?

#11. At Anne's coronation banquet William Howard and this man entered the hall on horseback to announce the first course.


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Anne Boleyn’s Coronation Quiz