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Affiliate scheme for Tudor Society members

It's coming up to the Tudor Society three year anniversary and to celebrate this we're having a re-launch to try and get the word out about the society. Over the next couple of weeks, we're inviting people to sign up to receive some Tudor goodies - samples of what you as a member enjoy, such as expert talks, quizzes, Claire chats videos and magazines. We've also set up an affiliate scheme so that you can be rewarded when the people you've shared the news with go on to become Tudor Society members.

What does being a Tudor Society affiliate mean?

Well, it can be as simple as telling your history-loving friends about the Tudor Society and giving them a special web link to take advantage of the goodies on offer, or you might have a blog or social media page where you can share a link with your friends and followers. It's not at all complicated and is just about sharing the news. We won't spam your friends, we promise, they'll just get links to enjoy the freebies and there's no obligation at all. If they become a member then you will be paid a referral fee.

If you'd like to become an affiliate then you can register at As you're already a Tudor Society member, you can log in at the bottom of that page. The payment email section needs to be your paypal email address as that is how you will be paid. Once you're registered, you'll have your own unique referral URL (link to the Tudor Society) that you can pass on to friends and followers to use. There are also banners and buttons under "Creatives" if you want to share visual links on social media or a blog.

I won't go into any more detail here, but you'll be able to find out more once you've registered and we're always here to help - [email protected] or [email protected]. At the end of the day, we want to reward our members for sharing news about the Tudor Society.

If you ever go somewhere where it's appropriate to share details of the Tudor Society a bit more formally, such as having a stall at a Ren Faire, then we can also provide you with artwork for leaflets with your special link too. Just ask.

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Affiliate scheme for Tudor Society members