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Affairs of State Quiz

Thank you to James Mewborn for providing the following quiz on real and alleged infidelities affecting prominent Tudor people.

Affairs of State Quiz

Q1) Elizabeth “Jane” Shore, a mistress of Edward IV, also became mistress to...

Richard III

William, Lord Hastings

Thomas Stafford

Richard Grey

Q2) In addition to Jane Shore, Edward IV reportedly had a number of mistresses, including...

Katherine Woodville

Margaret Beaufort

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Lucy

Q3) Richard III acknowledged having two children out of wedlock, Katherine and John. His daughter Katherine married...

William, Lord Hastings

Thomas Stafford

William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon.

Sir William Stanley

Q4) Henry VII, was rumored to have had a romantic interest in...

Margaret Shelton

Katherine Gordon

Jane Shore

Eleanor Butler

Q5) Which of these women did Henry VIII NOT allegedly have an affair with...

Jane Boleyn

Elizabeth Boleyn

Elizabeth Blount

Madge Shelton

Q6) Who else was Henry VIII not linked with romantically?

Elizabeth (Carew) Bryan

Elizabeth Barton

Mary Boleyn

Katherine Willoughby

Q7) French king Francis I is said to have referred to this woman as his “English Mare”.

Anne of Cleves

Margaret Douglas

Mary Boleyn

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Q8) Margaret Douglas, daughter of Henry VIII’s sister, Margaret Tudor, and Archibald Douglas, incurred Henry’s wrath because of an affair in 1540 with...

Sir Charles Howard

Thomas Seymour

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Sir Francis Bryan

Q9) Princess Elizabeth was sent away from the home of dowager Queen Katherine Parr in 1548 because of concerns regarding Elizabeth's reputation and allegations made against...

Edward Seymour

Robert Dudley

Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Seymour

Q10) While she was married to Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex, Lettice Knollys, granddaughter of Mary Boleyn, was rumored to have had an affair with...

Christopher Blount

Robert Dudley

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Walter Ralegh

Q11) Which of the following men was Queen Katherine Howard not linked with romantically?

Thomas Culpeper

Henry Manox

Francis Dereham

Thomas Seymour

Q12) Anne Boleyn was convicted of and executed for treason and committing adultery with five men, including...

Francis Dereham

Francis Bryan

William Brereton

Thomas Wyatt

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  1. A

    Well done with the quiz James! I did better than I thought I would and got 7 out of the 12 correct.

    1. J

      Thanks Annette! I enjoyed putting the questions and answers together.

  2. M

    haha, I failed so miserably at the first two questions that I’ve hidden my face in shame.

  3. J

    I got 12/12

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Affairs of State Quiz