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Thomas More Quiz

How much do you know about Sir Thomas More? Find out with this fun quiz.

Thomas More

Q1) What did Thomas More consider doing before deciding to devote himself to the law?

A goldsmith

A merchant

A physician

A monk

Q2) What was the occupation of Thomas More's father John More?





Q3) With whom did More translate the works of Lucian?

Henry Parker, Lord Morley

John Colet

Desiderius Erasmus

William Lilye

Q4) In which language was More's book "Utopia" first published in?





Q5) More once said of Henry VIII "If my head would win him ......................, it should not fail to go" - what are the missing words?

his annulment

a prince

a son

a castle in France

Q6) Of whom did More write "She it is who could vanquish the ancient Sabine women in devotion, and in dignity the holy, half-divine heroines of Greece."?

Catherine of Aragon

His daughter Meg

His second wife Alice

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Q7) Which king did Thomas More write a history of in 1513?


Richard III

Henry VII

Edward the Confessor

Q8) In what year did Thomas More become Henry VIII's Lord Chancellor?





Q9) According to the indictment drawn up against him in 1535, what did More compare the Act of Supremacy to?

A joke

A double-edged sword

The words of a court fool

The work of the Devil

Q10) Who was More referring to when he said "[F]or as long as your reverend paternity will be determined to tell these shameless lies, others will be permitted, on behalf of his English majesty, to throw back into your paternity's sh***y mouth, truly the s***-pool of all s***, all the muck and s*** which your damnable rottenness has vomited up..."

Cardinal Wolsey

Richard Rich

Charles Brandon

Martin Luther

Q11) Whose testimony did the Crown's case against More rest on in June 1535?

Richard Rich

Stephen Gardiner

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk

Q12) According to a contemporary account of his execution on 6 July 1535, why did More ask the executioner to wait after he had laid his head on the block?

He needed to finish his prayer.

He wanted to move his beard out of the way.

He thought a messenger would arrive with a pardon.

He realised he still had a chain around his neck.

Q13) Thomas More was beatified in 1886 and he is the patron saint of....



Lost causes

Statesmen and politicians

Q14) His body was buried in the graveyard of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London but in which city is his head said to be buried?





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Thomas More Quiz