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7 June 1520 – The Field of the Cloth of Gold meeting begins

This day in history, 7th June 1520, was the first day of the historic meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I of France. It took place between the English stronghold of Guînes and the French town of Ardres, on a piece of land referred to as the Field of Cloth of Gold.

Henry VIII and his queen, Catherine of Aragon, were accompanied by over five thousand people, and although the meeting was supposed to solidify the Treaty of London between the two countries, historian David Loades points out that "the omens for success were not good" and that the event was really "an exercise in competitive display".

Here are some details about the Field of Cloth of Gold:

Find out all about Henry VIII's foot combat armour for the Field of Cloth of Gold tournament in 1520 in this video from Royal Armouries:

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Notes and Sources

Extract taken from On this Day in Tudor History by Claire Ridgway.

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