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5 November – The discovery of the Gunpowder Plot and Mary Tudor was crowned Queen of France

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of Gunpowder Plot conspirator, Guy Fawkes, and 36 barrels of gunpowder in a cellar beneath the Palace of Westminster on the night of 4th/5th November 1605. The plotters were planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the opening of Parliament and assassinate the king, his government and leading bishops and nobles.

But why and what has this event in James I's reign got to do with Tudor history?

Well, a lot, because the Gunpowder Plot had its roots in Elizabeth I's reign.

Find out more about the Gunpowder Plot, and those involved, in this talk...

Also on this day in Tudor history, Sunday 5th November 1514, eighteen-year-old Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII and daughter of the late King Henry VII, was crowned Queen of France at Saint-Denis.

Mary had become Queen of France on her marriage to King Louis XII on 9th October 1514.

Find out more about Mary’s coronation in this video...

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