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17 June – Condemned to death but thankfully pardoned

On this day in Tudor history, 17th June 1551, Sir George Blage died a natural death in Edward VI's reign.

Blage was fortunate to die such a death as he'd been condemned to death in Henry VIII's reign.

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On this day in Tudor history, 17th June 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned at Loch Leven Castle following her surrender at the Battle of Carberry Hill on 15th June.

Sadly, while she was imprisoned there, she miscarried twins and was forced to abdicate. She eventually escaped, but her freedom was only temporary.

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Also on this day in Tudor history, 17th June 1497, the forces of King Henry VII were triumphant against those of the Cornish rebels at the Battle of Blackheath, or the Battle of Deptford Bridge.

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