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14 May – The Creeping Parliament

On this day in Tudor history, 14th May 1571, the "Creeping Parliament" was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Why was it called the "Creeping Parliament" and why were there actually two Parliaments meeting?

What was going on and what happened next?

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On this day in Tudor history, 14th May 1538, the French ambassador, Louis de Perreau, Sieur de Castillon, wrote a dispatch regarding King Henry VIII having been dangerously ill due to a problem with one of his legs.

Henry VIII was plagued with problems from his legs, leg ulcers, from at least 1528 right up until his death. But what do we know about his problems and what are the theories regarding the cause?

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On this day in history, 14th May 1635, Helena Gorges (née Snakenborg), Lady Gorges, was buried in Salisbury Cathedral.

But who was this lady and how did a Swedish royal maid-of-honour end up being buried in England?

On this day in 1536, 14th May, while her predecessor and former mistress was in the Tower of London waiting for her trial, Jane Seymour was moved to be closer to the king and was treated like a queen.

Find out more about this, and Eustace Chapuys' rather unflattering description...

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14 May – The Creeping Parliament