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13 May – Queen Anne Boleyn is on her way out

On 13th May 1536, eleven days after her arrest, the royal household of Queen Anne Boleyn was broken up and her household discharged.

The queen hadn't even been tried yet, never mind found guilty!

Find out more about this day and what happened to members of her household in this #TudorHistoryShorts video...

On this day in Tudor history, 13th May 1568, the forces of Mary, Queen of Scots, met those of her brother, the Regent Moray, at the Battle of Langside in Scotland.

Mary, Queen of Scots was defeated soundly, but what happened and why was she fighting against the regent acting on behalf of her son, King James VI? What had led to this moment?

Also on this day in Tudor history, 13th May 1515, Henry VIII's beloved sister, Mary Tudor, former Queen of France, married his best friend, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, at Greenwich Palace...

And on 13th May 1536, Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, got rather cross and exasperated with Thomas Cromwell and refused to be bullied in any way. Poor Cromwell, Percy wouldn't play ball!

Find out what Thomas Cromwell was trying to get Percy to do and what it had to do with the fall of Anne Boleyn in the 13th May 1536 video:

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13 May – Queen Anne Boleyn is on her way out