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10 March – Henry VIII and a nasty jousting accident

Many people have heard of the jousting accident Henry VIII suffered in January 1536, but that wasn't the first accident he suffered while participating in one of his favourite sports. On 10th March 1524, the king was struck on the brow while jousting, something that could have been incredibly serious and even fatal.

What happened?

In today's video, I share a contemporary account of Henry VIII's jousting accident.

You can also see my talk Henry VIII: the jouster.

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  1. R

    Being hit close to the eye and the lance splintered under his helmet, yes, no wonder Henry had bad migraines. This was a very close call, which, despite Henry laughing it off and riding another six courses, I suggest, made him worry about the succession, especially as this was a brush with death.

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10 March – Henry VIII and a nasty jousting accident