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1 June 1533 – Queen Anne Boleyn’s coronation

AnneBoleynWithRoseToday is the 483rd anniversary of the coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII. What was interesting about her coronation is that she was crowned with the crown of St Edward, a crown usually reserved for crowning the reigning monarch, so her coronation was quite a statement. Whether the use of the crown was to do with Anne's status or to do with her unborn child, who was, of course, expected to be a prince, it is still an interesting fact.

I just wanted to draw attention today to the list of primary sources I posted last year for Anne Boleyn's coronation and the celebrations surrounding it - click here to view that now. It contains all the links you need to read about it yourself. You can also read my article on the coronation over on The Anne Boleyn Files.

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