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1 January

Here my "on this day in Tudor history" video for 1st January.

Of course, there were other events for 1st January:

  • 1463 – Probable birthdate of Silvestro Gigli, diplomat and Bishop of Worcester, at Lucca in Italy. Gigli was nominated as Bishop of Worcester in December 1498, and enthroned in April 1499.
  • 1515 – Death of Louis XII of France, less than three months after his marriage to Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII. He did not have a son, and so was succeeded by Francis I, his cousin's son and the husband of Louis' daughter, Claude. Louis was buried in Saint Denis Basilica.
  • 1537 – Marriage of James V of Scotland and Madeleine de Valois, daughter of Francis I, at Notre Dame in Paris.
  • 1540 – Henry VIII met his bride-to-be, Anne of Cleves, at Rochester. Following the great chivalric tradition, Henry disguised himself and attempted to kiss her, but a shocked Anne did not recognise him as King. It was a disastrous first meeting, and Henry was sorely disappointed that she could not recognise him as her true love.
  • 1556 – Nicholas Heath, Archbishop of York, became Mary I's Lord Chancellor.

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  1. R

    On 1st January 1511 Queen Katherine of Aragon, first and true wife of Henry Viii gave birth to a healthy son and heir and the City of London went wild with parties and tournaments for the next two months. Prince Henry was the hope of the new King and Queen, the future of the Dynasty and the nation, so of course his father shone in the jousts and there was feasting and dancing all round. Sadly Prince Henry died 52 days later from some kind of cot death and the nation and his parents wept and shared their grief.

    1. C - Post Author

      I wonder what happened to little Henry. I think probably cot death as no illness or concerns about his health are mentioned.

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1 January