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Winner of our “Young and Damned and Fair” competition

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Congratulations to Mary, the winner of our competition to win a copy of Gareth Russell's "Young and Damned and Fair". We love this book and think it's an incredibly well-researched look into the life of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII. Gareth, the author, is the editor of our monthly Tudor Life magazine, and he is always meticulous in his research.

Here's a picture of Mary holding her copy of the book!

Members of the Tudor Society often get chances to win prizes. We recently ran a competition to design a caption for a bumper sticker. That's been sent off to the winner already. This month we have an expert chat with historian Seamus O'Caellaigh and we're giving away a copy of his book to one of the people who attend the chat!

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  1. Mary Rutherford-Birkey /

    Claire, Tim and Gareth,

    Thank you so much for the book! I’m disciplining myself to finish Eric Ives book on Jane Grey before I dive in. I’m really looking forward to it!


    1. Claire Ridgway /

      The Eric Ives book is good, isn’t it?

  2. Mary Rutherford-Birkey /

    It is excellent! Like his book on Anne Boleyn (I think many agree it is the definitive study of Anne), it has insight and research that is unparalleled.

    1. Claire Ridgway /

      Have you read Leanda de Lisle’s book on the Grey sisters? That’s excellent too.

  3. Mary Rutherford-Birkey /

    I haven’t, but it’s on my list!

    1. Claire Ridgway /

      It’s an excellent read, one of my favourites.

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Winner of our “Young and Damned and Fair” competition