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Which Tudor Thomas? Part 2

The multitude of Thomases in the Tudor period keep us on our toes, don't they? There are just so many of them. How much do you know about prominent Tudor Thomases? Get those little grey cells working with today's quiz.

Which Tudor Thomas? Part 2

Q1) This Tudor Thomas was described by a contemporary as "hardy, wise and liberal ... fierce in courage, courtly in fashion, in personage stately, in voice magnificent, but somewhat empty of matter."

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Wriothesley

Thomas Wolsey

Thomas Seymour

Q2) This lawyer was one of the leaders of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497.

Thomas Arundel

Thomas Lucombe

Thomas Flamank

Thomas an Gof

Q3) This Tudor Thomas served Elizabeth I as comptroller of the household.

Thomas Parry

Thomas Knyvet

Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Fortescue

Q4) Which of these Thomases were composers in the Tudor period?

Thomas Tallis

Thomas Appleby

Thomas Ashwell

None of them

All of them

Q5) Which Tudor Thomas spoke of being a "ruffian" in his "young days"?

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Gresham

Thomas More

Q6) Which Tudor Thomas was a playwright, satirist, poet and pamphleteer, whose works included Pierce Penniless and the Choice of Valentines?

Thomas Middleton

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Fletcher

Thomas Nashe

Q7) Which of these was the Tudor Thomas who was a farmer and agricultural writer known for his "Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry"?

Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Vaux

Thomas Tusser

Thomas Adams

Q8) This Thomas was known as "Silken Thomas".

Thomas Fitzgerald

Thomas Butler

Thomas Grey

Thomas Fitzmaurice

Q9) This Tudor Thomas was a merchant and financier who founded the Royal Exchange in London.

Thomas Bodley

Thomas Gresham

Thomas Butler

Thomas Knyvet

Q10) This Thomas was sergeant porter to Elizabeth I and the husband of Lady Mary Grey.

Thomas Seymour

Thomas Herbert

Thomas Keyes

Thomas Knyvet

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Which Tudor Thomas? Part 2