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Video – The Annulment of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s Marriage

With this week's Claire Chats video I'm hoping to start a discussion on Henry VIII's annulment, Catherine of Aragon's opposition to it and the Pope's reaction. Please watch the video and share your thoughts.

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  1. L

    I think some of the reason to why K.O.A dug her heels in so resolutely concerning the annulment of her marriage to Henry, was because she felt very humilated, by the fact that Henry had planned to marry someone of lower rank than herself.
    Anne mother was a noblewoman, but Anne’s father was just a humble knight (Granted one of emmenence talant and had proved himself a skilled and very able diplomat) whose family fought their way to recognition. The marriage of Elizabeth Howard to Thomas B, was a fine feather in the Boleyn cap, but it still didn’t alter the fact that their background was one of very humble beginnings.
    If the Pope had agreed with Henry and told K.O.A to sling her hook, then she would have had no choice but to comply or risk, excommuniation.
    Am I right in thinking that neither the Emperor or the Pope were particulary intrerested in the affairs in England? The emperor was too busy trying to play the conqeuering hero, whilst the Pope was busy with his own problems to be bothered about what was happening in England. I
    The Emperor after all had no ties to England, if he had still been betrothed to Mary or had married her, then he would have had every right to get involved, but he wasn’t so I feel the only reason he stepped in was out of family loyalty.
    However I do feel that if the Emperor hadn’t stepped the Pope would have happily dissolved Henry and Katherine’s marriage. Therefore the reformation may not of taken place, until perhaps James 6th took the throne in 1603.
    Mind you the great reformation may well of happened in the 13th century if King John had had his way. But England wouldn’t be a Christain country. It would be a Muslim one. As we all know King John upset his nobles to monumental degrees, which ended up with him signing the famous Magna Carta (Great Charter) at Runnymead. However King John, being desperate to keep his stranglehold on his nobles, wrote a letter to the Muslim leaders at the time, and offered to convert to the Islamic faith, in return for their help in subduing the nobles persecution against him. The Muslim leader very gracously refused his offer, leaving King John no choice but to surrender to his nobles will. I personally feel that signing Magna Carta, was the beginning of the end for King John, for he had dominated his people for so long, and that by signing away that domination was simply too much humiliation for him to bear. His death from dysentry was perhaps mixed his failure to regain the dominance over his people.

  2. L

    Having finally got around to reading the Clare C and Claire R book. I can see right away that my arguement above is very wrong, so I must apoligise for that. Indeed it does seem that the Boleyn Family did have very wealthy and titled connections.

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Video – The Annulment of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s Marriage