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Urgent – Updated times for tonight’s live chat

We've just been alerted to the fact that the US times given for the live chat were incorrect so here are the correct times - our apologies. We've emailed this out too.

Here are the times for the live chat in different time zones:

  • London, UK - 11pm Friday 31st March
  • Madrid, Spain - 00.00 Saturday 1st April
  • New York, USA - 6pm Friday 31st March
  • Los Angeles, USA - 3pm Friday 31st March
  • Sydney, Australia - 9am Saturday 1st April
  • Adelaide, Australia - 8.30am Saturday 1st April

The topic for the live chat will be Thomas Wyatt the Elder, the famous Tudor poet, courtier and diplomat, and you can see Wendy talk about Wyatt in her video interview at

Please do join us, you can lurk or join in the discussion. We're a friendly bunch, I promise! You can find the chatroom at

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Urgent – Updated times for tonight’s live chat