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Expert Talk – Wendy J. Dunn on Thomas Wyatt, The Elder

The expert speaker for March is Wendy J. Dunn, author of "Dear Heart, How Like You This?", "The Light in the Labyrinth" and "Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters (Katherine of Aragon Story)". In this month's expert talk, Wendy goes into detail about the fascinating Tudor character, Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder.


Wendy will be in the chatroom on the night of Friday 31st March (morning of 1st April for Wendy in Australia). Here are the times for the live chat in different time zones:

  • London, UK - 11pm Friday 31st March
  • Madrid, Spain - 00.00 Saturday 1st April
  • New York, USA - 6pm Friday 31st March
  • Los Angeles, USA - 3pm Friday 31st March
  • Sydney, Australia - 9am Saturday 1st April
  • Adelaide, Australia - 8.30am Saturday 1st April

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  1. L

    Really interesting to hear about Wendy’s interest in Thomas Wyatt, and also her views on some of the more “controversial” aspects of his life.. Can’t wait for the live chat with her!!

    1. C

      I have such a soft spot for the Wyatts, so I’m really looking forward to the chat.

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Expert Talk – Wendy J. Dunn on Thomas Wyatt, The Elder