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Uneasy Lies the Head by Jean Plaidy – Lil’s Book Reviews

Lil looks back at a wonderful book by Jean Plaidy - Uneasy Lies the Head is set the aftermath of the bloody Wars of the Roses, Henry Tudor has seized the English crown, finally uniting the warring Houses of York and Lancaster through his marriage to Elizabeth of York. But whilst Henry VII rules wisely and justly, he is haunted by Elizabeth's missing brothers; the infamous two Princes, their fate in the Tower forever a shrouded secret. Then tragedy strikes at the heart of Henry's family, and it is against his own son that the widowed king must fight for a bride and his throne...

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  1. R

    Love Jean Plaidy ever since I first read them in the 1970s. This is a great way to relax and she draws you into the time and place with real imagination and a lot of real history. I have all of her book, many of them well thumbed. Uneasy Lies The Head is very provocative of the reign of Henry Vii and I particularly remember the conversation between Henry and William Stanley in the Tower. Excellent as are all of her books.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful and detailed and enthusiastic review.

  2. M

    Thanks for your review. I love Jean Plaidy but haven’t read them all. Margaret Campbell Barnes is another historical fiction writer and her book about Elizabeth of York, The Tudor Rose, is really great. It spans more of her life, from the time she was a princess when Edward IV was still alive, til her death in the Tower. She also wrote a wonderful book about Will Somers called The King’s Fool, and one about Anne of Cleves. I’m sure there are others, these are only the ones I found. Anyway, thanks for your review! Michelle t

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Uneasy Lies the Head by Jean Plaidy – Lil’s Book Reviews